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Chloe Mortimer

I am the Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Events 720.

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Planning tips for a successful expo

organising an exhibition expo exhibition floor plans

Organising a trade show or exhibition can be a mammoth task if you have never done it before. There are so many elements that will impact on your event. If you properly plan for these elements they will help boost

How your exhibition floor plan impacts your sales

Stand Layout exhibition supplier organising an exhibition expo exhibition floor plans

Selling exhibitor spaces is a large part of organising your exhibition. The more exhibitor spaces that you sell, the more money that you ultimately make from your exhibition. Your exhibition will also continue

Is the Aesthetic of Shell-Scheme Stands Important?

Exhibition Stands Exhibition stand hire organising an exhibition modular exhibition stands modular exhibition display shell-scheme stands

When you organise an expo, there are so many things to consider. When you engage with an exhibition supplier you have a long list of items that you want to ensure that they can do. You want to know that they can

Running A Smooth Event in 2019

Exhibition Stands Display Builder organising an exhibition

Are you organising an event in 2019 and wondering how you can start the new year on the right foot? We have some tips to ensure that your exhibition runs smoothly. Executing a successful event is always top priority,

Exhibition Stand Design Trends for 2019

Exhibition Stand Design Exhibition Design exhibition display stands experiential marketing

2019 is nearly upon us and our design team has been busy creating designs for exhibition stands that will be exhibiting in the first 6 months of next year. At the beginning of 2018 we predicted the trends we expected

What the Events 720 Team Learnt at INBOUND 2018

Activations marketing

Earlier this month, Chloe and Leon from the Events 720 team travelled to Boston, Massachusetts to attend the Hubspot Inbound 2018 event. Inbound is primarily a marketing conference, however there are many sessions

6 Tips for Increasing Your Exhibition Ticket Sales

exhibition supplier organising an exhibition exhibition ticket sales increase exhibition attendees

Organising an exhibition is not an easy feat. You pour so much of your time and energy into making sure that everything runs smoothly, that your exhibitors are happy, and that your attendees connect with your

Why Your Exhibition Supplier MUST Care About Your Exhibitors

Exhibition stands for hire exhibition supplier organising an exhibition

Choosing an exhibition supplier can seem like a long process. You need to find a range of suppliers, give them all a brief and then try to understand the subtle differences between them in order to choose the best

Choosing the Right Exhibition Stand to Hire

Exhibition Stands Exhibition stand hire exhibition display stands

There are three main types of exhibition stands you could hire. We have outlined these below, as well as the pros and cons of the different types of stands. Use this as an introductory guide to find the right rental

How to Use Experiential Marketing for Your Brand

experiential marketing marketing live marketing engagement marketing

Experiential marketing is a great way to grow your brand by interacting with consumers, leaving them with a positive experience and wanting further engagement with your brand. If you’re unsure of how experiential

How to Nail Your Next Exhibition

exhibition display stands trade show displays trade show stand

This article was writen by  Richard at CustomLogoCases on May 31 , 2018.  Link to the original article can be found below. We think this article will really help with the organisation of exhibiting at a trade show. 

Stand organisation is demanding, here's why

Exhibition Stands Stand Building exhibition display stands

We speak to exhibitors from all backgrounds. Our aim is to help make exhibiting as easy as possible for our clients. We achieve this by taking on most of the organising and the designing on an exhibition stand. We

The Best Benefits of Modular Exhibition Stands

Exhibition Stands modular exhibition stands modular exhibition display

Modular exhibition stands have many different applications, they can take many different forms. The exhibition needs for each brand are very different. Many brands exhibit at multiple shows and each show might have

Improve Exhibition Stand Performance by Improving Your Staff

Exhibition Stands exhibition display stands exhibition staff

It is no secret that exhibition staff are incredibly important. They are a solid pillar in your exhibition performance. The reason for this is explained by Simon Sinek best, “People don’t buy what you do, people buy

How to Get the Most Out of Your Exhibition Stand

Exhibition Stands Exhibition Goal Setting Exhibition Marketing Plan

Exhibiting can be a really expensive process. After you have paid for the exhibition space, and then invested in an exhibition stand, regardless of whether it is a custom exhibition stand or a shell-scheme stand

The Best Budget for Your Exhibition Stand

Exhibition Stands Exhibition Goal Setting Exhibition Marketing Plan

A question that plagues every marketer and business owner – how much is too much when it comes to buying a custom exhibition stand? The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer. Each business is so different and

6 Factors That Influence Exhibitor Sales

Exhibition Goal Setting exhibition ticket sales expo exhibition display events trade show

If you've organised an exhibition or trade show you'll understand the pressure of trying to sell all the exhibitor spaces, and balance the expectations of the attendees and the exhibitors. We've outlined the 6 most

Successful Budgeting For Exhibiting At Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Exhibition Stands Exhibition Marketing Plan

Exhibiting at conferences, trade shows or consumer exhibitions requires significant investments of both time and money to achieve your goals. This blog will guide you through building confidence and knowledge of the

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Exhibiting

Exhibition Stands Increase Exhibition Returns Exhibition Goal Setting Exhibition Marketing Plan

Planning an exhibition stand can seem like its own full-time job. There are so many things to consider, so many elements to get right to see the desired results. Exhibiting requires some research and some attainable

4 Signs You Need a New Exhibition Supplier

Exhibition stands for hire Exhibition Stand Builder exhibition supplier organising an exhibition

Most of us are creatures of habit, we find an exhibition supplier and we choose to stay loyal through thick and thin.  We may complain about the service that we receive, even vowing that we are going to change