Customised Outdoor Dining

We can design an outdoor dining space unique to your brand.

Your Own Parklet

Create a parklet that is like no other, with the custom elements you want.

Design Your Parklet

We can provide a design based on your specific area and overall look and feel of your parklet.

Customise your parklet to suit your brand

In-line with the recent government announcements that cafes and restaurants can re-open with increased outdoor dining, we can help design a parklet/alfresclet that is unique to your brand. 

A parklet is the term used to describe a temporary moveable structure that serves the community as a space to gather and converse. By having a parklet, you will be able to create a temporary outdoor dining area in carparks or on the footpath to increase your patronage, and allow a space for the community to gather in small numbers. 

If you have received the grant from the Government to help with the cost of a parklet and you want a custom design, we can help you. 

If you have missed out on applying for a grant, speak with your local council about any financial assistance they may offer.

Creating your own parklet is a great way to distinguish your brand from the other cafes and restaurants around you. With our many years of exhibition and trade show skills, we can create the right design for your parklet, and build it for you. 


Parklet for outdoor dining

Creating your own customised parklet doesn't have to be a daunting experience. We can help you achieve the right design with our expert opinion on the right materials and the way to ensure that your parklet meets Government regulations.  

To start creating your custom parklet, fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to start your project. 


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