Re-open with a Parklet

Re-open faster and increase your customers with a parklet that suits your business.

Parklet Designs and Elements

We are supporting the hospitality sector reopen faster by creating outdoor dining options and custom Parklets.

Parklet with custom furniture, planter boxes and decking.

We have standard parklet designs and elements as well the ability to support you in creating your own custom parklet. Engaging in having a parklet attached to your business will increase your patronage and allow you to re-open faster. 

Custom Parklet
Parklet Options

Create your own Parklet 

The Victorian Government has information available to cafes, restaurants and pubs to help with the regulation on creating a parklet. A parklet is a way to increase your outdoor dining area and help you re-open faster. We can create a custom parklet that suits your brand.

Custom Parklet
Parklet for outdoor dining with furniture, decking and planter boxes

Parklet Packages

We have created a range of parklet elements that can be easily purchased on our website so you can create a parklet that suits your cafe, restaurant or pub. Our parklet range has 3 tiers of products, so there will be items for every budget.

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Parklet for outdoor dining with planter boxes, furniture and decking

Exhibition Stand Outs

With our award-winning exhibition designs, our team can make exhibiting easy and stress-free. Our process ensures that you are guided through each step in creating an exhibition stand to achieve the optimal stand for your brand.


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If you are exhibiting in Australia and New Zealand we can provide you with a detailed quotation and design. We offer very transparent pricing, with no hidden charges or costs.

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Prodiel Exhibition Stand
Stand Out Design
Exceptional Service
MYOB exhibition stand

Helpful Resources

Get the best advice for your exhibition needs with our helpful resources. Whether you want to increase ROI, you are deciding on whether you should have a rigged banner or you just want to know more about the whole exhibition stand process, we have your back with accurate and relevant information.

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Riyadh Airport Exhibition Stand
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Riyadh Airport Exhibition Stand

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Leon and his team at Events720 made our trade show experience embarrassingly simple.  I’ve never had to work so little setting up for a tradeshow.  It was done right the first time, and by a team that was polite, hard-working, and at our disposal throughout the program.  Thank you for making our event drama free and a true success

Wrenn,  Global Marketing Manager, Caterpillar 

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