The Best Benefits of Modular Exhibition Stands

by Chloe Mortimer, on 20/06/18 1:24 PM

Modular exhibition stands have many different applications, they can take many different forms. The exhibition needs for each brand are very different. Many brands exhibit at multiple shows and each show might have slightly different target audiences. Brands are always looking for a cost-effective, flexible exhibition stand that can adapt as their exhibition needs change. Enter modular exhibition stands! With a whole array of features, modular exhibition display stands can be crafted to adapt easily to change as exhibition needs change. At one show you might need to focus your efforts on products, with a view to unveil new products and provide demos. Another exhibition or trade show might be more functional information on the products with a heavy focus on providing brochures or content that highlights this information. If you are a large-scale company, like one of our clients who sell home wares, your stock levels and display products may vary each show based on what you stock you have available. Below we highlight the benefits of modular exhibition stands and why it might be an option your brand should consider.

Flexible design leads to many options

Modular exhibition structures can take many forms, as they should be designed with flexibility in mind. This flexibility should incorporate all of the different exhibition needs a brand may have over the foreseeable exhibiting future. Most brands have an idea of whether they need TV’s, or counters or a private area with furniture to talk with prospective customers. These needs compliment the goals that brands want to achieve with exhibiting. While the needs may vary, it is not often that the needs are completely opposite. One show you might need a TV and a counter, and at the next show you might need to add displays for products, keeping these factors in mind really helps with modular exhibition stand design. It allows for a stand that is flexible and easily adapted to suit your exhibiting goals and any combination of floor space you might require. We have a client who had 12sqm floor space at one show and 24sqm  floor space at the next show. By building a modular stand that could be reused and re-purposed in different configurations, we provided a cost-effective stand solution.

2016-08-02_17.06.13                                                                  Having a flexible design allows the shelves to be moved to different areas to allow for different stock.

Creating a modular exhibition display allows you to think about other features on a deeper level. Aspects such as transportation of the stand, how portable the stand needs to be, who will maintain the stand and how will the installation of the stand go. Streamlining processes like installation and portability means you can innovate with the stand and with the way the stand will be packed and stored. If you consider all of these features at the design stage, you will have ultimate flexibility for the stand over time, as well as a cost-effective exhibition solution.

A cost-effective way to exhibit

A modular exhibition system can be a cost-effective way to exhibit as you are able to reconfigure the stand to use the space that you have available at an exhibition or trade show. Many brands exhibit at more than one show a year, and this often means different floor size at the different shows. It can be hard to exhibit using a standard 3x3m shell-scheme stand at one show and then choose to upgrade to a custom exhibition stand for another show where you have a 6x3m stand that is completely different to the previous stand that you had. When you go to exhibit again using the standard shell-scheme there will be no consistency with branding and you have also paid a lot of money for the larger stand that you can only use once a year.

If you consider a modular reusable exhibition stand, you can adapt the stand to fit in different spaces at different shows, and you are maximising the potential of the stand that you have spent a lot of money on. Over time this becomes a much more cost-effective way of exhibiting, as you get much more use out of the stand.

Investment into future exhibiting

Modular exhibition stand systems are a great way to invest in the future exhibiting of your brand. Using a modular stand means that you are paying for a stand that you can repeatedly use, to support your exhibiting efforts and promote your brand. You can use a modular exhibition booth to achieve a consistent look for your brand at multiple shows over the year. If purchasing an exhibition stand is still out of the question for your business, you can find reasonable rental stands. Either way, using a modular exhibition stand provides a cost-effective way to change the look of your exhibition stand to suit your needs at different shows. This is an option that would suit any business, regardless of the product or service they offer.

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