The Secret to Having a Successful Exhibition Stand

by Events 720, on 14/05/19 11:30 AM

Having a successful exhibition stand may seem like a difficult task. We’re here to let you in on a little secret; achieving a great exhibition stand comes down to some very simple tricks and tips that any business can implement. We’ve created a list of these little secrets to help you get the most out of your next exhibition stand.

1. Plan Early

The key to having a great exhibition stand is starting your plans early. Your exhibition display is such an important component of your marketing strategy – don’t leave this until last minute. Planning late will lead you to make rushed decisions and compromise on elements due to time constraints. Designing and building your stand takes time, it can’t happen overnight. Planning early will allow enough time for your chosen designer to create a design that suits your brand and your needs, with the opportunity for feedback and alterations to be made if needed. While your supplier will do their best to accommodate for any last-minute changes, sometimes these changes can only be achieved with enough time.

2. Introduce Interactive Elements

Try to include elements in your stand that attendees can interact with. This will increase the engagement between your brand and your target audience. These interactive elements don’t need to be expensive or extravagant, although Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is a great way to attract visitors to your stand. Consider adding something as simple as a photobooth, product demonstrations, a competition or a coffee cart. This will offer your visitors a memorable experience by encouraging them to interact with your brand. Having an inviting and comfortable lounge area on your stand is also a simple yet effective way to increase your stand’s presence, attract attendees and help you achieve a successful stand.


3. Be on Trend

Your exhibition stand design should be on trend and appeal to your target audience. You can do this by researching current trends in the industry online or by attending other expos to view the range of stands. Take a look on Pinterest and Behance to see what designs appeal to you and what designs are currently trending. You can also visit trade show and expo news websites to see what exhibition stands have been successful and why. Hiring furniture for your stand is a great way to have on trend pieces as it’s more affordable and you don’t have to commit to purchasing furniture that may go out of style in the future.

4. Use Clear Signage and Graphics

Exhibition stands begin as a blank canvas that can be completely customised and enhanced with the use of graphics and signage. Your stand should stick to your company’s visual branding by including the logo, images and colours in the design. Having this branding on signage that is high or attached to the rigging of your stand will increase your chances of attendees viewing your stand from all areas of the expo.

Our exhibition stand for Narva used their strong blue branding throughout the entire stand. It also incorporated their logo into smaller elements on the stand to enhance their presence.

Narva Custom Stand

Creating a tagline that relates to your brand and the theme/objective of your stand will also increase your exhibition success by inviting attendees into your space. By using your tagline to state what your brand is about you may find that most attendees visiting your stand will be interested in what you offer and will be potential prospects. Avoid going over the top with signage or graphics. Use your branding elements to enhance your stand, not overpower it. This might risk deterring attendees and becoming intimidating.

5. Don’t Forget Lighting  

Lighting has more power over the success of your stand than you may think. It’s one step in the process that you can’t miss. Having great lighting can really elevate your space and attract people in. Lighting can be attached to overhead rigging to illuminate your space or even in display cabinets to help your products shine.

6. Choose a Trusted Supplier

When you decide to exhibit, one of the first things you should do is select an exhibition stand supplier. This will be a company that either designs or builds your stand, or even completes both. You will be investing a lot of money into your exhibition stand so it’s important that you have a supplier that you can trust. Building a relationship with your exhibition designer and builder will help them understand your wants and needs, and therefore create a stand that allows you to achieve your expo goals and have a successful experience.

At Events 720, we have a strong team of skilled exhibition stand designers and builders. If you’d like to hear more about the process of creating a stand-out display, we’d love to hear from you.

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7. Use Technology

When it’s appropriate, use technology to attract attention and engage with your attendees. This doesn’t need to be a full wall of LED screens or Virtual Reality, although that would be a great way to engage your audience. You can add technology to your standby installing a TV, which can be used to showcase your brand’s story through images. You can also use an iPad that attendees can use to view your products and enter their details to receive updates from your company.

8. Have Clear Goals

Identifying your objectives for your exhibition stand will help you define what success looks like for your business. This will be completely unique to your company, so it’s important to have a clear vision of what that means for you. Your goals will shape the approach you take with your stand builder, your design and your staff. Avoid diving into the expo experience without a strong understanding of what you hope to achieve as this can cloud your idea for success.

9. Use Marketing Tactics

The most successful exhibition stands are those that attract a large group of people and can qualify leads. You can ensure you have attendees interested in your stand before the show even begins. By engaging in online marketing tactics you can generate interest for your stand and encourage people to attend the expo to interact with your company. Before the show begins, send out emails to your contact lists and businesses in the area of the expo informing them that you are attending the expo. You can also use social media to create hype around your exhibition stand and start engaging with your audience.

10. Train Your staff

The most effective tool at a trade show is communication. Your team will be a mix of sales, marketing and any other members with knowledge you’d like the share. Everyone in your team needs to be on the same page throughout the expo. For your staff to accurately represent your company and help your exhibition stand run successfully, they need to have experience and knowledge with your brand and know how to communicate that effectively. Visit our blog on how to train your staff to find out how you can ensure your staff are ready. 


Now that the secrets are out, it’s time for you to start planning your next exhibition stand and implementing these tricks to ensure it’s a success. Our team of skilled designers and builders can handle the hassle of exhibitions and create a stand that achieves your objectives. Contact us for a free, no obligation design and quote.

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