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by Kyrah Howell, on 22/01/19 12:20 PM

There are hundreds of expo’s across Australia each year and hundreds of businesses that have exhibition display’s at them. Choosing the right expo for your business can have a significant impact on the success of your exhibition. But how do you choose when there’s so much on offer? Lucky for you, we’re here to help! We’ve put together some easy processes and decisions you can make to help you secure the best expo for your business.

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Determine your goals

Before we can address the what or the where we need to understand the why. Why do you want to exhibit? Why will exhibiting benefit your business? Make sure that you have clear and concise goals for your exhibition stand as this will help you identify what you need to look for in an expo.

Read our latest blog post, ‘How to set your expo goals for 2019', to develop these goals effectively. Remember to pick one goal to focus your efforts on during the exhibition process. Having more than one goal can potentially lead to a lack of focus on what’s truly important.

Your decision process and choice in an expo will largely depend on what you want to achieve on the day of the expo. If your ultimate goal is to generate new leads by attracting a large number of visitors to your stand then consider looking for an expo that has a high attendance rate. Alternatively, if your goal is to introduce your product to a new audience then an expo at an interstate location might be worthwhile.  

Identifying your goals can also help you simplify a commonly complicated process. There are many expo’s out there to choose from – if you were to research every single one, you’d waste valuable time and energy. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve at an expo helps you narrow down your results more efficiently and more effectively.

Know your target audience

No matter how fantastic your exhibition stand is, how well you’ve planned your goals or how high an expo’s attendance rate is, an expo isn’t worth investing in if its visitors don’t align with your target audience.

Start researching your audience well to understand their attitudes and preferences. This will help you identify which expo they will most likely attend. If your audience is interested in international products or services, investing in an expo in major cities such as Melbourne or Sydney where expo’s with international relevance are more common will allow you to reach your audience successfully.

Knowing the location of your target audience is also useful when choosing an expo. If your target audience is confined to a particular region, then an expo outside that region might not give you the greatest results. Instead, wait for an expo that is located closer to where your target audience will be willing to travel to and attend.

Understand the different types of expo’s

There are two main types of expo’s: consumer shows and trade shows. It’s important to know the difference between these and understand which one suits you best when choosing an expo.

Consumer shows have a buyer to consumer (B2C) focus. Attendees usually go to shop, have fun and see the products before they buy. These expo’s have a high rate of attendance which means your exhibition stand receives consistent visits and you’re able to build brand awareness.

Trade shows, on the other hand, have a buyer to buyer (B2B) focus. Their attendees are industry colleagues and buyers who are there to network and learn about new products and the latest trends. These expo’s give you the opportunity to interact directly with your target audience.

Depending on your exhibition goal, one type might be more beneficial to you than the other. For example, if your aim is to develop positive relations with your customers through one-on-one conversation then a trade show will give you more opportunities to do this.

There is also the possibility for the best of both worlds – different elements from each type might suit your goals and assist you in achieving them. In this case, consider investing in both a consumer AND a trade expo.

Research potential expo’s

Whether you have an idea of what expo’s you want to visit, or you’re still unsure, you can never do enough research before making a final decision. There are many different types of expo’s taking place across Australia, so gather as much information as you can on the events that interest you. We have some tips for researching:

  • Research past results of an expo as this can help you predict it’s current and future success
  • Read testimonials to hear how other companies benefited from the expo
  • Gather data on the number of attendees at that expo to determine how many people can interact with your exhibition
  • Research the number of exhibitors at an expo to identify competitors and determine your chance of standing out against them
  • Contact the expo organisers for information on attendee demographics or business satisfaction

Undertaking research helps you gain an in depth understanding of the expo space and whether your business will benefit from what it has to offer.

Visit the show

When possible, a great way to gather information and decide on an expo is to personally attend one yourself. This allows you to see the expo from a visitor’s point of view and analyse your potential competitors. Pay attention to the flow of people during the expo – do they move around the building well or do they tend to flow through one section only? Interact with the venue staff to gain an insight into how well your business will be able to work with them. Visit exhibits to understand the type of businesses that exhibit their products and services – will you stand out amongst them or get lost in your competitors?

By putting yourself in the shoes of an expo attendee you can begin to understand how your business and your display will be perceived and received by your audience.

Take the leap

Consumer shows and trade shows can be an incredible opportunity for your business. Once you’ve completed your research the next step is to send in your application and go for it!

Top upcoming expo’s in Australia

We head to to share with you some exciting upcoming expo’s in 2019. You can find the full list of expo’s here.

Here are some we suggest:

  • Franchising Expo
  • Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo
  • Design Build
  • Good Food & Wine Show
  • Reed Gift Fairs
  • All Energy

If you have any further questions or concerns about expo’s in Australia, the team at Events 720 are here to help you. Contact us on or click 'Let's Chat' below. 


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