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As an event organiser, receiving a high volume of attendees should be a top priority. Having more attendees at your event will make your exhibitors happy and increase your ROI. So, how do you drive ticket sales for your event? We’ve detailed some practical tips to help you start selling tickets fast.

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Price your tickets right

Make sure you set your ticket price appropriately. People will be more included to purchase tickets that they find a valuable price. Be careful not to overprice your ticket and deter potential buyers. However, you also need to make sure you’re not losing any money by pricing your tickets too low. The main goal for selling tickets is to increase ROI, so you want the best chance of reaching a break-even point.

Offer promotions

Offering limited time promotions is a great way to encourage a purchase. Use discounts and early bird specials to increase the appeal of your event. The type of promotions you use will depend on your target audience. If your target audience are industry professionals, make sure you are aware of the type of promotions that will appeal to them the most.

There are different variations you can consider, such as offering discounts that are marked as “early bird specials”. This appears more professional rather than offering discount codes to industry professionals. Be smart about the incentives that you choose to increase ticket sales. Any incentive should appeal to your target audience and consider the value that your exhibition will add to their knowledge or entertainment.

Invest in the right software

There are a number of event ticketing companies you can invest in for your expo. One company to consider is Eventbrite. Eventbrite support you throughout your ticket selling to help you increase your ticket sales. It can ensure that you are promoting your event where your target audience spends most of their time and ensure your event pages are correctly optimised.

Create an event page and optimise it

It’s important that you have a functional and appealing website or landing page for your event. This should include all relevant information relating to your expo, from the date and location to ticket prices and inclusions.

No matter who your target audience is, there will be a large portion who will use their mobile phone to complete their daily tasks, including buying tickets to your event. There are ways that you can track how people are engaging with your website and this will dictate how important it is that you have optimised your website for mobile usage. Making it easy for your potential attendees to buy tickets from their mobile phone is incredibly important and will help boost your sales.

Enhance user experience

A positive user experience can influence potential ticket sales. The design of your landing pages and CTAs (call-to-actions) are a really important aspect of how well each page will perform. You want the right placement of a CTA to attract maximum attention and conversation, but you also need to consider the prominence of the CTA and the wording you use.

Is it easy for an attendee to see where they need to purchase tickets to attend your event? Once they click on the CTA and intend to buy tickets, where are they redirected to? Is your check-out landing page easy to navigate, or do potential attendees get lost? It’s important to consider how the end user will navigate the process to buy tickets. If your pages and CTAs are not converting at the rate that you would like, it may be time to consider a way to enhance your design.

This article from Hubspot outlines some things to be aware of when creating pages that enhance the user experience. Follow these steps to further increase your ticket sales.

Promote your event

To increase tickets sales dramatically, you need to make sure that more people are aware of your event. This can be achieved through promotion. There’s more to ensuring that your exhibition is being promoted effectively than just increasing the awareness. Firstly, research your most used channels, such as Facebook, website, LinkedIn, to see where your target audience is consuming your information. Then you can use these platforms to promote your event.

Promotion should be highly concentrated to your target audience. There’s no point increasing your promotion budget and getting in front of people who don’t meet your target market as they won’t see the value in attending your exhibition and won’t buy tickets.

This can also include using paid advertisements on social media or Google AdWords. Consider using re-targeting, which involves targeted advertisements aimed at people who visit your website or meet a certain criterion that you select.

Use partners and sponsors

Partnerships are a great way to increase the knowledge of your event and therefore the interest in purchasing tickets. Partner with a company that will add value to your exhibition. The type of event you are organising will dictate where you should seek and accept partnerships. Industry bodies are great to partner with as it allows for there to be a new group of interested audiences to advertise which can help you increase ticket sales.


If you can implement some of these tactics, you’ll start to see some quick success in increasing your ticket sales. Some of these tasks may take more time than others and require some careful planning. Don’t let yourself get side-tracked from planning the rest of your event by trusting in someone else to do the organising for you. Our team of event planners and project managers can assist you with all your expo needs. Contact us at or follow the button below to get started.

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