8 Ways to Save on Your Exhibition Stand Design

by Kyrah Howell, on 26/02/19 12:10 PM

An exhibition stand design should reflect the brand, attract an audience and create a memorable experience for attendees. But sometimes having the perfect stand can come at a high cost. We all know money doesn’t grow on trees (unless there’s something you’re not telling us…) so why not save some cash on your stand while still having a great design? You can allocate the saved budget to important factors such as staff-training, marketing or accommodation.

Saving money on your stand doesn’t mean compromising the design or quality. In fact, the design is one thing you can’t cut costs on completely. There are components of a stand that you may not require, and these can be avoided. But the overall design of your exhibition stand is the #1 cost worth investing in.

So, what can you save money on? We’ve put together a list of ways you CAN save on your exhibition experience and still have an amazing stand.


1. Don’t go full-glam with the lighting

Rigging is often used to hang overhead lights but if your stand doesn’t require this for extra support, then forget the rigging all together! Don’t put a serious hole in your budget with features you don’t require. Instead, lamps are a great way to illuminate your space and create an intimate setting. If the goal for your exhibition is to build relationships or generate leads, using lamps can help you build a relaxed atmosphere for your visitors. These can be purchased to reuse in the future or hired at a lower cost.

Alternatively, simple spotlights can also be mounted onto the stand itself, rather than relying on an overhead structure that is often costly.

2. Rent your exhibit, rather than purchase

Renting your exhibition stand can be much more cost-effective than purchasing. With our custom rental stands you can still receive a great design that helps you achieve your goals, without the extra costs of purchasing and storing the stand. Renting your stand is also a great option if you will be attending multiple stands but want a different design as the layout can be adapted to suit each event.

3. Bigger isn’t always better

Downsizing your exhibition stand will cut the cost dramatically. The average exhibition display stand is $600-$700 per square metre, so you can imagine the price difference between a 24 square metre stand and a 36 square metre stand. Having a smaller space doesn’t mean having a smaller impact. You can still make a great impression at an expo and attract visitors to your stand. Saving costs on size allows you to allocate more of your budget towards features such as graphics, furniture hire and AV. After all, it’s not about the size – it’s about what you do with it.


4. Make smart storage choices

If you have a large stand or a high volume of products, then storing packs and boxes used for transportation can become costly. Once your stand is installed and ready for the exhibition, venues hosting the expo will charge a price for boxes to be stored until dismantling can commence. To help combat this, we’ve created a flat pack storage unit that can transport your stand or products safely, then fold flat to be stored during an event – saving you money. 

5. Cut back on the technology and electricity

The less technology you use at your exhibition, the less electricity you will need and thus the less you will have to pay. Expo organisers will charge exhibitors per watts. So, if you require a high level of wattage for lighting then you can expect a serious dollar figure. You can completely cut the cost by using battery powered lights or simply include what you truly need in a stand, such as an Eftpos machine for sales or a laptop charger for collating information. If your budget doesn’t allow it, then it’s best to leave the interactive technology and virtual reality at home.

6. Reuse your stand for future exhibitions

If you have plans to exhibit again in the near future, you can save money in the long-term by reusing your stand for these events. You can store your exhibition stand at Events 720 to reuse it whenever you need. To find out more about the costs associated with storing a stand with us, contact us on

Using your exhibition stand again doesn’t mean it needs to look exactly the same. You can configure furniture in different ways to make a space feel unique and welcoming. Speak to your designer about reusing your exhibition stand and they will be able to develop a stand that has the capability of looking different each time you exhibit.

7. Stick to the basics and train your staff

Bright graphics, fancy flooring, lounge areas and big TV’s can help your display stand out, but these can also become expensive and overwhelming for some guests. Stick to the basics with a reusable graphic wall, a counter and simple furniture to create a welcoming space.

 Showcasing your products requires adequate shelving which can add up to be a high cost. Instead of cluttering your space with products or demonstrations, invest in training your staff so they are knowledgeable of what your business offers and can sell this to customers confidently. This will allow you to utilise your space more effectively, especially if you opt for a smaller stand size to save on costs.

8. Start planning early

To make sure you get the most for your money, book your stand early to snap up any early bird offers the organisers may have. This will allow you to choose the best stand location for your brand, suited to your budget and preference. Getting organised early can also help you save money on accommodation or flights, if required, by further taking advantage of those amazing early bird offers.


Now that you’re savvy in saving, it’s time to start planning your affordable exhibition stand. If you’d like more information on how you can save on your stand, get in touch with us at

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