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Don't Worry Be Happy Homewares


About DWBH

DWBH are a wholesale supplier to specialty homewares and gift shops across Australia.
The brand takes inspiration for their designs combining everyday Australian life with the influences of Asia.
Their products are unique and adds an extra bit of spice!





The Problem 

Don't Worry Be Happy had spent 15 years on building their brand before they engaged Events 720 to build their exhibition stand. During this time, they had been building, storing and installing their own exhibition stand. This meant that DWBH had a good knowledge of exhibiting and had extensive needs with their exhibition stand.

DWBH really wanted to invest in their exhibition future. Before they engaged Events 720 to design and build their stand, their staff were being pulled away from their regular jobs to design and build their exhibition stand. By the time the staff had finished building and setting up the stand they were exhausted and found it hard to sell to prospective customers. One of the main goals aside from having a fresh, new looking modular stand, was to streamline the set-up process so that the staff were refreshed at the start of the show. Trusting a stand builder to do this after doing it yourself for 15 years can be challenging. The best way to build trust is to ask questions!

The Goal

The goal for DWBH was to outsource the entire build and design of the exhibition stand, but also to engage Events 720 to look after all of the exhibition services such as storage, installation and maintenance of the stand.

The Challenge

Exhibition Services to Make Exhibiting Easy

DWBH had spent a long time building their brand as a premium home-wares company. Their products are on-trend, all shapes and sizes and varied in design. Accommodating all of the 4000 SKU items displayed at trade shows onto one stand was a great design challenge! The overall concept for the exhibition stand was to create a customised modular exhibition stand. This meant the stand could be modified quickly and easily as per the product needs for each show.

The shelves were designed to be on-trend, peg board shelves that could be easily moved to different heights depending on what was being displayed. They also needed to be easy for the staff to move. When a company needs to stay on-trend with the products that they sell, they need an exhibition stand to reflect that their brand is on-trend.

The DWBH team had a whole list of questions and concerns, from the material that was being used to manufacturing techniques, to ensure that the stand would be modular and operate in the way that it was needed. These questions were welcomed by the Events 720 team, we were able to understand the concerns held by DWBH and plan a stand that addressed functional requirements. 


The Result

Outsourcing the build, installation, storage and maintenance of their exhibition stand ensures that exhibiting is as easy as possible for the DWBH team. It allows them to focus on the most important aspect of exhibiting, which is of course selling your products. The DWBH team were doing a lot of work on their exhibition stand, as well as the responsibilities of their roles within the company, and this was causing exhibitions to become a stressful time for the company. Having a clear understanding of what they needed from their exhibition stand meant that we could work on a functional design, and we could take over the management of the stand, and for DWBH that made exhibiting easy.  

"Upgrading to a custom stand, with the right stand builders is the best way to get the most from a trade show.  The stand builder will take care of the build, enabling you to focus on your display and sales preparations.  Ensure that your stand is designed with growth and flexibility in mind and it should last for many years."

Jal Milne
Don't Worry Be Happy Homewares


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