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by Jessica Caggegi, on 6/04/21 1:51 PM

With tough times still ahead and still so much uncertainty due to Covid 19, it really is a challenging time for all businesses within the exhibition display industry.
With Expos starting to make a return, it is an exciting time; however, there is still an element of responsibility to ensure we return in a Covid Safe way and have contingency plans in place for the unknown and unexpected.
Here at Events 720, we have combined a couple of new and existing processes and procedures to ensure we have everyone’s best interests at heart when attending your next event.

Sign Off Process
In regard to an initial sign off process, we have slightly changed our procedure post Covid.

With every event we will most definitely plan for the best; however, we do need to keep the worst in the back of our minds too. To ensure both parties are protected and that we provide maximum protection for us and most importantly our clients.
Following our initial briefing process, we will work with you to provide a formal design concept and quotation. Upon agreeance of both parties and initial sign off, we will then provide a ‘Scope of Works Contract’ to finalise the quote and design and essentially lock the work into place so that you can feel assured that you have a locked in a stand builder.
The project will then be placed on hold until 8 weeks prior to the event, which is when we will commence the invoicing and deposit process.

Once we get to 8 weeks out from the event, we will then invoice for signed off stands at the following interval/amounts:

  • Non-refundable 50% deposit is issued 8 weeks from show date
    This deposit payment puts your stand into production. This 50% is used to purchase materials and commence the build process. If for whatever reason, we had a show cancel or be postponed at this point, we would pause production where it is, and it would remain in our factory on hold until the event is rescheduled, and we can commence production again with a definite timeline to the event or show.
  • Non-refundable 30% invoice issued 4 weeks out to lock in services, such as power, water if needed, internet services and forklift services etc.
  • Remaining 20% invoice to be issued at the completion of install.

The aim of this new invoicing process is to ensure we can get as close to the show date as possible with having a certain idea that it will go ahead. This process also allows for us to not get caught in a situation where it puts the client under unnecessary financial stress or concern if there was a cancellation or serious outbreak of Covid.

Test Fitting/Pre-Builds
We have always test built all our stands prior to delivering them onsite to an expo, and this won’t change. Although events can always throw some unexpected curveballs our way, we like to ensure we can come prepared onsite as much as possible, for a seamless and stress-free build.

Upon completion of production in the factory, clients are always welcome to come down and inspect the stand and pre-build, to ensure everyone is happy and on the same page so there are no hidden surprises onsite during bump in.


Having complete control over our exhibition stand builds makes all the difference. This includes our own transportation services and logistics.
With borders closing and opening so rapidly and visitors being put into quarantine, having our own transportation reduces the stress and concern.
Not having to rely on an external supplier really does cut the worry in half as we can adjust things at the last minute to suit the changes that may be made or announced.

Our commitment to you, is to return to expos in a Covid-Safe way. By implementing the above processes, we believe we can help minimalise any impact of an unprecedented event where it involves us.

We understand that returning to expos and events is a huge commitment for you, the organisers and also us, so we want to ensure we have taken the appropriate steps to plan accordingly and do all that we possibly can to protect all parties involved.
If you are feeling a little uneasy about returning to the expo world, let us help put your mind at rest! Give us a call or send us an email at and one of our friendly staff will get back to you shortly.

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