Selecting an Official Stand Builder for Your Trade Show

by Events 720, on 22/05/19 12:30 PM

There’s so much to organise when it comes to expos (trade shows and consumer shows), such as choosing the venue, managing the exhibitor list, styling the show, creating a floor plan and keeping your exhibitors happy. One of the most important but often overlooked tasks is selecting an official stand builder for your expo.

What is an official stand builder?

Your official stand builder is an exhibition stand supplier you choose to supply shell scheme booth packages for your event, and/or be the recommended company for your exhibitors looking for custom stands.

Selecting an exhibition stand builder to supply shell-scheme or custom stands for your event will; 1. Assist in keeping your exhibitors happy as they won’t need to search for their own supplier, and 2. Create consistency in the theme and style of your event.

Do I need an official stand builder?

Having an official stand builder will give your exhibitors somewhere to go to have their custom stands created or find shell-scheme packages. It saves them the trouble of sourcing this themselves, while also saving you the time and effort it takes to liaise with exhibitors who inquire about exhibition stands.

Your goals and previous experience with organising expos will have an impact on whether you believe you require an official stand builder. Events 720 has been the official stand supplier for multiple expos in the past, we understand the requirements and the goals of the organisers that trust in us. Let us answer any questions or concerns you have about finding a supplier for your event. 

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How do I know the stand builder will look after my exhibitors?

When selecting an exhibition stand builder you need to ensure they are a company that you can trust. Sending your exhibitors to a supplier that is unreliable or has poor customer service may have negative results on your own reputation as an expo organiser. This is why it’s important to do your research first. You can confirm that the company you select will be a good choice if they have a strong customer service process in place and have created successful stands for their clients.

How do I select the right company?

Remember that you’re not just choosing a stand builder for yourself, you’re also choosing a supplier for your exhibitors. Selecting the right company will require some research.

There are a few things you can look for first:

  • How long the company has been in business
  • Any testimonials and feedback from previous clients
  • The company portfolio
  • Whether they have been an official stand builder before (being an official stand builder often means that the company will have multiple exhibition stands to complete at the same time, so it’s beneficial if they have experience with the time management)
  • Company goals
  • Confirming whether the company can meet your timing and budgets

Identifying a company’s history, objectives and qualifications will assist you in deciding which company is best suited to your needs. Ultimately, your decision will be influenced by your budget, the style of shell scheme stands you want, and your exhibitors.  

What qualities should I look for?


It’s important to have open communication with your exhibition stand supplier regarding your values, your goals and your expectations for the expo. Your supplier should accept your creative ideas for your expo, but also be comfortable suggesting ways to improve on your plans and have a successful event, especially in terms of the floor plan and layout of the shell scheme stands. If your exhibition stand builder can maintain open communication with you, then chances are they can also do this with your exhibitors, which will reassure you that your exhibitors will have a positive experience with the stand builder. Having open communication with your exhibition stand builder will help ease the process.


As mentioned previously, the choice of your official exhibition stand supplier will be influenced by your budget and your goals.  Find a company that can work with your budget to meet your goals. An experienced and knowledgeable exhibition supplier should be able to review your budget and work with you to meet it. Rather than try to convince you to purchase their services for a high price, your exhibition supplier should discuss your budget and determine methods to meet this.


Strong communication between you and your exhibition stand supplier also includes timely responses and being open about deadlines. Professional and committed companies should always respond to calls and emails within a reasonable time-frame. They should also be organised with the process, such as when the design will be completed, when production will begin and any deadlines they need to meet. Your supplier should also inform you right away if there are any unexpected delays.  

Online Store Process

When choosing an official stand builder, make sure you select a company that can meet the needs of your exhibitors and provide high quality customer service. Your exhibitors will turn to your chosen supplier for their custom stand needs. These may be exhibitors who haven’t exhibited before, so they may need a simplified process and guidance from the supplier.

Some exhibition stand suppliers will simplify the process for exhibitors by offering the ability to purchase stand packages from an online store on their website.

At Events 720, we provide an online shopping experience with Shopify. This programming allows our exhibitors to purchase everything from complete stand packages to smaller items, such as extension leads, through our website. Each expo that Events 720 organises receives a custom landing page, creating a direct one stop shop for exhibitors.

Using this system, Events 720 can also offer exhibitors with discounts to furniture and individual items for their event. With over 200 products currently available, this online store allows you to direct your exhibitors towards a reliable and accommodating source. As expo organisers, this eliminates the stress and hassle of having to liaise with exhibitors and arrange stands. Instead, you can trust that you’re leaving it to the experts.

At the end of the day, your official stand builder will be communicating with your exhibitors. As you are recommending their service, the quality of the company will reflect your company. If your exhibitors have a negative experience with a supplier or don’t receive the stand they envisioned, they may hold you somewhat responsible.

If you’re ready to start planning your expo or event, we’re here to help. We can answer any questions you have regarding finding an official stand builder or building shell scheme stands, and do our best to assist. You can email us at or follow the prompt below.

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