How to Brief Your Designer to Get Your Ideal Custom Stand

by Events 720, on 9/07/19 12:30 PM

Having a creative exhibition stand is no doubt one of the most important factors about exhibiting. An eye-catching, engaging and unique display will help you attract more visitors, ultimately presenting you with more opportunities to interact with your target audience and close sales. With new technology and ever-changing trends, there are so many ways to be create and exciting with your design.

You might already have some great ideas for your exhibition stand. The next step is to communicate these ideas to your exhibition stand designer in a way that will get you accurate results. Developing a design brief for your designer will help achieve this. The more detail you provide to your designer, the easier and quicker they can create a design that you love.

We’ve developed a simple list you can follow to help you and your designer create something amazing.

1. Company Info

Briefly outline who your company is. Include enough detail for the designer to understand your company as this will help them create a design that reflects your brand and image. This also includes who the main contacts are for the organisation of the stand.

2. Products Display Requirements

Include a description of the products and/or services your company offers, and which of these you will be promoting at your exhibition. This will help your designer determine a suitable and practical layout that caters to what you need.

3. Event Name, Location and Date

Inform your designer which expo you will be attending, including the location and the date. Your designer will need to know this so they can manage their time effectively. Remember to allow enough time for your designer to develop the design you want.

4. Floor Space

Before you can begin planning the extravagant designs, your designer needs to know how much space they can work with. Inform your designer of the square metres you have.

5. Floor Type Required

The two most common flooring options you need to consider are carpet and raised flooring. You will need to use raised flooring if you require three-phase power, a large capacity of power or water supply to your exhibition display. Raised flooring can be costly compared to carpet, however both can be customised with colours and designs to attract attention.

6. Furniture Requirements

Depending on the goal for exhibiting, you might require furniture. This can be as simple as table and chairs for interacting with your target audience. Events 720 can provide any furniture you require, so make sure you inform your designer so they can factor this into the overall design.

7. AV Requirements

Introducing audio and visual elements into your stand is a great way to attract attention. But these will also dictate your overall stand design. You may need a TV or speakers, in which case think about where these will be located in your display and how they will be powered. If your goal is to generate sales or leads with prospects, you may need a laptop or tablet. Your design will then need to factor in storage and power for these items.

8. On-Stand Storage Requirements

Having a space to store items on your stand will eliminate any mess on your stand. Whether you have additional products you need to store away, or items as simple as phone chargers and jackets, it’s a good idea to have a lockable storage compartment to keep your belongings hidden and safe.

9. Graphics and colours

Using the correct graphics and colours can help to reflect your brand. Think about which elements of your display you can enhance using graphics and colours. Be creative in your decisions – what about using graphics on the flooring or on shelves to catch people’s eye? Ask your designer about how to achieve this – they have lots of great ideas waiting to be shared.

10. Lighting Preferences

Don’t underestimate the power of great lighting. This can help create an ideal atmosphere and attract attention. Lighting can be added by installing down lights or LED light strips. Remember that your stand design will also need to factor in how these lights will be powered.

11. Rigging/Support

Rigging can be a great way to enhance your brand presence at an exhibition by suspending signage, banners or lighting above your display. Consider whether your stand will need rigging for support, or as a way to attract an audience.   

12. Walls

The height of your walls may be limited by the exhibition organisers. This will be outlined in the exhibitor manual or you may need to contact the organisers. If your stand has a shorter height limit think about how you can make your walls stand out by using different angles. Curved walls are great for attracting attention, but at times aren’t realistic due to building requirements.

13. Sketch/Ideas

If you have a vision for your exhibition stand, make sure you send through a sketch or plan of the design to your designer. Using your ideas and the information in the brief, your designer will create an exhibition stand that you love.

14. Budget

Your budget is possibly the most important factor of your design brief as it can control everything from size and flooring, to graphics and lighting. It’s helpful to know your budget before briefing your designer so that a design can accurately reflect what is realistically possible. You will need to think about what elements of your exhibition display are the most important and cater your design to suit. Understand that a more limited budget will not allow you to have every component of your design perfect. If the use if visuals and audio is most important to you, then consider compromising on lighting or stand size to ensure the design stays within budget.



if you're able to create a great design brief that outlines your want and needs, you can guarantee that you'll end up with an outstanding exhibition stand design.  To help you kick-start your design brief we’ve created a template that’s easy to follow and takes minimal time. You can download the template here.

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