5 Ways to Master Product Display at Your Expo

by Events 720, on 9/04/19 12:15 PM

One of the most common objectives for exhibiting at an expo is to display your company’s products to your target market. To ensure you showcase your products in the best way, invest in a great display that will attract attendees and achieve sales.


When planning your product display there are some things you should consider before starting to ensure you have an effective display. This includes:

  • How big or small is your product?
  • Can your product sit on the floor or does it need shelving, racks or a table?
  • Do the products need to be demonstrated?
  • How many products will you need to take?
  • Do you have a focus product that you want to display?

Speak to the designer of your exhibition stand about these requirements and preference. They will be able to create something that suits your wants and needs.

There are many ways you can put the spotlight on your products. Don’t opt for the easy way out and stick to a simple glass cabinet, the commonly used plinth or slat wall shelving to display your products. Be creative in the way that you display your products. Your product display should tell a captivating story to the audience that centres on the problems of your audience and how the product can be used to solve them.

Here are our top 5 tips for creating a great product display.

1. Avoid cluttering your space with products

Trying to display every single one of your products at your exhibition stand can crowd the space and become overwhelming, which may deter attendees from approaching your stand. Only bring your star products or new products that will attract the attention of your target market and achieve sales.

2. Use product demonstrations

A product demonstration is a great way to attract attendees to your stand, engage your audience with your company, generate sales and create a memorable experience. This is one of the greatest opportunities an expo provides that you won’t get with any other media advertising. Product demonstrations can help you prove the benefits of your products by allowing your attendees to interact with the product and experience it firsthand.

3. Support large products and enhance smaller products

If you have a hero product or large items to exhibit, go the extra distance and have a display unit custom built to or around the product to showcase them correctly. This will help you focus the attention on the product and create a conversation starter with attendees. As large products will often need to be placed on the floor, you should also have signs or structures to define the space.

For small to medium products, bring them to life with large graphics that show the products in use, product demonstration or large components that tell their story. Be creative with the way you showcase these smaller products. Create an environment similar to where the products will be used, whether it’s with architecture, images on graphics or props.

Our exhibition stand for Projecta Australia displayed the product in a unique and creative light by showing how it can be used with a camping setting using a real caravan, branded camp chairs and artificial grass.

Projecta flooring

4. Showcase your products benefits

The main objective for having a great product display is to show your audience the benefits of your product compared to others displayed at the expo. Products will sell themselves if you can create an environment that is eye-catching and informative, by using graphics or videos that show the audience what the product can do.

5. Use lighting

When mastering product display, lighting should be your best friend. Using spotlights, up lighting on the shelves or LED strips in display cases will illuminate your products and help them attract attention.

LED lighting is always best to highlight your products as it isn’t harmful. Halogen lighting can create a lot of heat within your space with visitors may not enjoy.


Product demonstrations at your exhibition stand are quite simple to achieve if you stick to products that your audience is interested in and you can create a setting that showcases the unique selling points of your products. If you’re ready to get started on your exhibition stand, we’re here to help. Let us handle the fuss by contacting us at


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