Design features that can have a negative impact on your Exhibition stand

by Jessica Caggegi, on 1/07/20 3:00 PM

Custom exhibition stands are evolving more than ever before. Exhibition design is becoming more competitive by the minute and everyone wants to be the leader of their industry. The stands which are extremely creative, tend to attract the biggest crowds and the most popular at the event. If you are ready to take the next step on your exhibition booth and really create that ‘wow’ factor here are 5 design elements you should avoid.


Enclosed walls
Walls can be a complex element; they are a crucial component to your booth as they allow you areas for product displays and key messaging through graphics. They can also have a negative impact on your design if used incorrectly.
No one likes to feel enclosed, so with any exhibition booth having clear and easy points to not only enter the booth but also exit is quite important. Large walls enclosing your booth can create feelings of claustrophobia. Or alternatively, if you have blocked off your stand from the aisles it can also deter people from entering altogether.
You want your stand to be inviting, welcoming and most importantly easily accessible, the last thing you want is for people to feel like your stand is a maze or an effort to get onto in the first place.

Bright Lights
Lighting is something every stand most definitely needs, but how much is too much?
General stand lighting is a great idea, but it is important to ensure you don’t go overboard. Over lighting your booth can start to create a very clinical and sterile environment. On a more general point, it can also radiate substantial amounts of heat. So, keep this in mind when choosing types of lighting for your booth. Remember not only for the comfort of your visitors, but your staff who will be under those lights all day at the expo.


A common obstacle exhibitors face is choosing what to display on their stand. What is going to be the most beneficial and in return create the most success. While you don’t want your booth looking bare, there are benefits to leaving some empty space on your stand. Have an inviting selection of products and displays; however, don’t pack it to the point that it is difficult to move around the stand comfortably. Leave comfortable amounts of space for visitors to navigate around the booth and keep it clean and inviting. Visitors need to be able to get onto the stand without it being an effort, if your stand is completely blocked off by products or furniture, chances are visitors will not enter the space to begin with. Tailor to your audience! For example, if you are a company within the baby industry, baby expos are filled with mums, kids and prams. Any stand being designed for these shows should most definitely allow easy access for prams to fit comfortably and move around the booth.


Size of Stand
There is a common misconception that the bigger stand space you have at an expo, the greater your success will be. Your stand size is important; however, you need to ensure that there is rationality behind it. There is no point having a large space, if you have nothing constructive to fill the space with. Ensure you choose the appropriate size stand space for you and your business.
Some negative space on a stand is always great, but not to the point where it looks empty and absurd. Balance is key.


Graphics are an important part of your exhibition display. The way your story is told is crucial in passing information on to visitors at the show.
Ensure all your key messaging is easily visible by placing them at eye height or higher. You want it to be easily viewable from up close but also at a distance.
The imagery used on your booth should also follow similar principles. Ensure proper formatting and correct resolution have been used. There is nothing worse than seeing a graphic printed at a larger scale and it is starting to pixelate or blur.
Position is also key when deciding on graphic placement. There are certain areas on your stand that will be more visually paramount than others.
Small to medium booths will generally use their backwall as the main focal point, whereas larger stands will have multiple areas and feature points. Whatever area you choose as the focal point, it needs to contain the most compelling pieces of information about your company and brand.
Graphics can have a great impact on your stand, so should be treated with great respect and care.
Similar rules apply with graphic design as does stand design. A healthy amount of negative space should also be present within your graphics. You don’t want to overpower your key messaging or bury it with too many visuals. Ensure it is simple, clear and to the point. If there is too much of an overload, chances are people will not bother reading it.


The above elements are important components to great exhibition stand design. The key is using them in a concise and constructive manner. Put a great deal of time and thought into where and how you want to implement them.
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