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"It's been a real knock out for all the people who have come to visit us. The amount of work that Events 720 has put into sourcing materials and the total enthusiasm that they have for this project has been just phenomenal."

              - Jack Johnston, Export Sales Manager, Venosan


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Events 720 Exhibition Stand Venosan

International client Venosan approached the Events 720 team to create an Australian themed exhibition stand for the World Congress of Phlebology in Melbourne.  The stand incorporated one of the most famous stories of Victorian heritage, Ned Kelly the bush-ranger. We were excited to work with such an imaginative brief and each aspect of the stand was elemental in telling a story and providing a great experience. Experiential marketing was a key element in the design and execution of this stand. The main features Venosan required on the stand were: 

  • A photo opportunity for attendees to take with them, which was a great opportunity to make contact with potential customers
  • A theme that reflected Australian culture or heritage 
  • Incorporating the product display into the theme 
  • For the Venosan brand to really stand out amongst competitors

Having a photo opportunity, the Hookey board and actors meant great experiential marketing opportunities for attendees to meet the staff on the stand. The creative way that the products were displayed meant that experiential marketing was instrumental in allowing attendees to touch the products that Venosan sell. Designing an exhibition stand with experiential marketing methods in mind provides a greater opportunity of appealing to customers. 

Events 720 Exhibition Stand Venosan


Commitment to Authenticity 

At every step of the creative process, Events 720 endeavoured to make the exhibition stand authentic.

Sourcing native red-gum to use when constructing the bar and "Glenrowan Hotel" meant that the buildings looked authentically correct for the time period. Other ways that we ensured the stand looked period correct were:

  • displaying products on a weathered horse railing
  • all of the staff wearing period correct costumes
  • organising an actor to play Ned Kelly
  • Australian game of Hookey for visitors to play and compete for prizes
  • information on the history of Ned Kelly

Each of these aspects were carefully crafted to ensure attendees were completely immersed in the story the stand told. Great experiential marketing involves telling the whole story, providing an opportunity for attendees to take in every aspect of the exhibition stand.

The manufacturing team in the Events 720 workshop took the time to create the display stand with care and expertise to achieve such an outstanding finish. Venosan stood out amongst all competitors at the World Congress for Phlebology due to the amazing stand creation and fine detailing that went into making the stand such a success. 

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