The Process of Organising an Exhibition Stand

Estimating Costs

You have organised and designed an exhibition stand. It's now time to work out how much your stand is going to cost. Below is the estimated amount that you can budget for each item of an exhibition stand. We haven't provided all the costs, just enough to give you a general idea. We have provided what we would charge for items, so we can't guarantee that this is an exhibition industry average. What we can tell you is that for all the stands we have quoted we are comparative to other Australian exhibition stand builders.

Below are the amounts that you should budget when creating an exhibition stand.

Johnson Tiles

Below are the amounts that you should budget when creating an exhibition stand:

Graphics: Budget between $125-$150 per square meter for graphics

Flooring: Budget $20-$25 per square meter for carpet and $80 per square meter for raised floor

Basic Walls: Budget $100 per square meter per wall for basic walls that have a painted finish. This cost goes up if you have curved walls or a nicer finish on your walls.

Power: Power charges will vary depending on the cost that exhibition supplier sets. Power is charged per outlet and will start at around $150 for one 10 AMP outlet.

Lockable cabinets: Budget $200 - $600 depending on size and whether there will be a logo displayed.

AV Hire: Budget between $500 and $1,000 per TV that you want to hire depending on the size. It will obviously cost more if you want to buy a TV and keep it for yourself at the conclusion of the show. AV help will only be provided on items that are hired from Events 720.

Furniture: Furniture packages vary greatly depending on the style of furniture that you are hiring or buying. For the furniture that Events 720 offer you can budget $220-$500 for a hire furniture package that includes one table and two chairs.

Brochure Holder: Budget any where from $35 to $185 depending on the volume of brochures you need.

Lights: Budget any where from $80-$110 per light depending on wattage required.

Transport and Installation: You should budget 15-30% of your overall stand cost to be associated with the transportation and installation of your stand.

Event Storage & Handling: We hold storage for some of our bigger clients and we charge $5 per cubic meter per week, excluding GST. As we have never needed storage outside of our own facility we cannot provide you a budget for what others may charge. Storage options with us are only available for purchased stands.

Want someone else to have the hassle of organising the stand?

We love creating new exhibition stands. If all of this seems far to difficult and time-consuming, that's because it is! We hope that these pages have highlighted for you the extensive detail that is involved in organising an exhibition stand. And given some context as to why it can be expensive to organise an exhibition stand. This is what we do, and we love what we do. 


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