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Events 720 offer more than just exhibition stands.

Remove the stress of exhibiting with a capable exhibition builder

Exhibiting can be difficult and confusing. There are so many things that need to be considered such as stand design, construction, transport and installation and after-show care. At Events 720 we make exhibiting easy by taking care of the entire exhibition process for you. With our dedicated exhibition services team, we can ensure that your exhibition experience will be relaxed and well taken care of.


Exhibition Stand Design

With our dedicated exhibition designer, we can create extravagant, conceptually designed exhibition stands that will make you the centre of attention at any show; to a simple but effective design where you may have a modest budget, and everything in between. We are renowned for pushing creative concepts where budgets allow, but we focus on creating the ideal exhibition stand for your branding and budget.

Having an exhibition stand that can attract maximum attention from visitors is what every exhibitor is searching for. There are some key elements that will allow you to attract visitors to your exhibition stands, and we can implement these into your exhibition stand to boost your exhibition performance.

We can help create your ideal exhibition stand that will fit all your requirements; your budget, branding and conceptual design.



Exhibition Product Construction

Unlike some other exhibition service companies, we have the ability to build any design in our warehouse with our dedicated production staff. We can even build external designs, so if you are an agency working with an international client, you can be assured that we will be the company building the stand for your client and we will ensure that the build will be smooth onsite.

With full cabinet making and joinery equipment in our warehouse, including a CNC machine, we are able to produce a wide variety of exhibition products.

We test fit every exhibition product we build in our warehouse prior packing the products, to ensure that installation onsite is as smooth as possible. This allows for any issues to be detected early and quickly rectified. You can rest assured that any issues detected will be quickly fixed or immediately communicated if there are changes that need to occur. We work to a strict policy that there are no surprises for you when the show opens.

Our team of exhibition builders work hard to ensure that each exhibition stand we produce is to a high quality and matches the design that you have signed off and agreed to.



Exhibition Stand Management

While we are building your stand, we have team members who are tasked with ensuring that your exhibition stand and space is well managed. This will involve being in contact with the exhibition organisers to arrange power to your exhibition stand, as well as any other services you may require such as water or forklift services.

Our team also ensure that the design of your exhibition stand is approved by the organisers. We converse with the exhibition organisers on your behalf, removing any confusion over who has organised what, and where things will need to be placed on the stand.

Our team organise all staffing requirements to ensure that your exhibition stand can be built and installed within an adequate time frame before the show opens.

By having someone else organise all of the stand particulars on your behalf, you can rest easy and know that things will be well organised, and the installation of the stand will go smoothly.

custom exhibition stand




If you invest in your exhibition stand you will need to find adequate storage to prevent damage and maintain good working order. If you have large storage areas or vast vacant space at your facility then it will make it easier to store your stand.

If you are lacking space, having your stand stored with an exhibition builder who understands the investment you have made is crucial. This will prevent your stand from being damaged and will ensure that it can be properly maintained as required.

Most exhibitors don’t think of their exhibition stand as a marketing investment. When you spend any money on marketing it is an investment into your brand, and an exhibition stand is no exception. You will work hard to protect and improve ROI from other investments, however exhibition stands aren’t viewed in the same light.

We are working to challenge that assertion. We provide storage solutions for exhibition stands, charged at a very competitive rate, however we have one advantage; we know what the potential of your exhibition stand is and how it should be cared for. This means that we are far more careful with the storage and maintenance of your stand. We want to protect your investment and ensure that you can expect excellent ROI on your stand.

custom exhibition stand


Service Policy

At Events 720, we have developed a comprehensive service policy that focuses around you, the customer. We want to make your interactions with us seamless. To achieve this, we put a lot of emphasis on our communication with you. We will communicate and share each step of the process with you. Once your stand has gone into production you will receive updates and photos of what components of your stand have been built. We will keep you updated of any issues that we may encounter and our solution for how to fix these issues.

You will have a hand over with your main point of contact, and this will allow you to ask any questions and ensure that everything is working as it should be on your stand. We aim to remove as much friction from the process as possible, allowing you to have a smooth and enjoyable experience with exhibiting.

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