Give Your Exhibitors Something New

Recognising a desperate need for innovation, Events 720 has 400-x-500-nfc-expodesigned a bespoke exhibition shell system completely unique to the local market. As forward thinking event suppliers, Events 720 saw the need to offer an alternative to the boring aluminium and white wall stands currently offered by many other event suppliers.

Our designer plywood system has all the cost benefits and efficiencies of a standard aluminium system, with the aesthetic appeal of a complete custom build & theme.

Offering a fresh new look to shell-scheme stands has many benefits to your exhibition. Aside from exciting your exhibitors with new products, your visitors will also be pleased with the aesthetic of your exhibition. This bespoke range of shell-scheme can really lift the look of your exhibition, all while costing the same as older styles.


Are you an event organiser looking to improve the exhibitor experience?


Offering your exhibitors a customised and hands on experience can take a lot of your time. This is where Events 720 can help with your event. 

We offer a hands-on customer service approach, ensuring that we make contact with every exhibitor multiple times prior to your exhibition to ensure that exhibitors have everything they need to exhibit well at your exhibition. We can accommodate any requests made by your exhibitors, and we find practical solutions to any problems an exhibitor may have. 

We also contact exhibitors post-exhibition to gather feedback to help us improve our services, but also to help your exhibition. We want to work with you to ensure that your exhibition is the best it can be. The satisfaction of your exhibitors is a crucial element that underpins the success of your exhibition. Everything we offer is to help propel your exhibition forward.  


Ready to give your exhibitors a new look? 

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