5 Questions To Ask Before Selecting Your Exhibition Stand & Display Builder

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After making the decision that you intend to have a custom trade show stand manufactured, the choice of which exhibition stand & display builder to use is an important one to get right.

Get it wrong and you will be left with an expanding invoice and inferior product.  Get it right and you will create a partnership to aid your exhibiting success.

Here are 5 questions you should be asking prospective exhibition stand and display builders before making your decision on who to partner with.

1 - Do you build your stands yourself or do you outsource construction?

Although you may initially think this question is of little importance, asking this question can save you serious amounts of money.  Every time something is outsourced you will be paying an additional 15% - 30% for that particular service or product.  

Simply by finding exhibition stand and display building companies that do not out-source work (they are out there) you could save up to 20% overall on your next stand build.


2 - What construction capabilities do you have?

In addition to the first question, it is worthwhile pressing a little further to see exactly what capabilities the vendor may have.  Everyone has different perspectives on what they consider building work, so always press to find out if they are simply a basic assembler or are capable of building complex structures.

This is also helpful to consider with the complexity of designs you ask for. A builder with basic construction ability will simply out-source the work to someone who is more capable, costing you more in the end.


3 - What type of quality guarantees do you have?

As is the case with any large investment, you need to know that you will be getting value for money.  Good companies will always stand behind the quality of their work so make sure you get prospective exhibition stand builders to specify exactly what they will be prepared to do if the work is not up to scratch.


4 - What level of fit and finish do you build to?

The gap in quality between a well put together exhibition stand and shoddy one is hard to imagine sometimes.  Displays can range from a beautiful and precise finish to broken and missing sections or walls held together with double sided tape.

When planning your stand you will have an idea in your head of what the fit and finish will be like when completed.  Remember to check that your expectations are accurate as there is often no time to rectify things.


5 - Why should I choose you as an exhibition stand builder?

 This is a very direct question however it will often provide you with a very clear answer.  You will either end up with a list of strong points and a sense of confidence that you can judge a vendor against the finished product or you will be given a reason not to use a particular supplier.

At the end of the day, when companies are good at something they will be able to articulate this to you. When they are simply bluffing or being misleading they will more often than not struggle to do this.


It is important to keep in mind the importance of getting the selection of an exhibition stand & display builder right. You really want to be beginning a long, collaborative relationship that works for both parties and delivers creative, well made displays to represent your brand correctly.


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